“With the increase in edge computing and distributed sensor networks, cloud infrastructure and edge devices are an increasingly attractive target,” says Jack Mannino, CEO of nVisium. The key to keeping the edge devices out of the grasping reach of attackers, he says, is to bring a hybrid approach to solving the problem.

“Edge computing requires a hybrid cloud approach, where the edge devices and cloud services must establish trust at each layer,” Mannino says. And deciding on how that trust will be established and be part of the business process flow begins with a detailed analysis of how the edge device generates data, what kind of data it generates, and the process by which the data is transferred to the rest of the application infrastructure.

Just as traditional IT attackers often choose users as their way into a network, those who want to breach your IoT may see edge devices as hosting the easiest ports of entry. Don’t let your focus on the rich, creamy center of the network keep you from paying attention to the often-brittle devices out at the edge.

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