About nVisium

NVISIUM Introduction

For Developers, by Developers

nVisium empowers organizations to eliminate security vulnerabilities through proven in-depth assessments, remediation, and training programs. Our experienced team of security-savvy engineers help organizations establish best practices with high ROI for their engineering and development lifecycles. Through services, software solutions, and R&D, nVisium provides security support for applications, operating systems, networks, mobile, cloud, and IoT unique to business operations, compliance initiatives, and more. Additionally, nVisium offers instructor-led and online computer-based training. Privately owned and founded in 2009, nVisium is headquartered in Falls Church, VA, and names Fortune 500 companies and household brands as customers.

About nVisium

The Intersection of Software & Security

We work to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in our client’s software

Our Focus

Secure Software
from the Ground Up

At nVisium our priority is helping our clients build secure software from the ground up. nVisium’s primary goal is to help clients establish a mature software security program by integrating security into a company’s already existing development processes. Each member of our team has extensive experience in both software engineering and security. nVisium has expertise in securing Java, .NET, NodeJS, AngularJS, Ruby, Python, Scala, iOS, Android, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, and more.

We offer a multitude of solutions to ensure your company is protected from external threats. That includes, security assessments, secure development, code remediation, and more.

In addition to offering scalable software security solutions, nVisium is proud to support your enterprise through our Instructor Led Training or DevSec Mentor, both designed to teach developers and security professionals alike how to find, fix, and prevent security vulnerabilities in their codebase.

We stand by our work and take great pride in solving security issues for our clients.

Spanning All Industries

Industries Served

We’ve got you covered. We work to secure application in all industries, including:


Education & Academia

Federal Government


Banking & Financial Services




Field Research Security-focused Conferences

At nVisium our passion for security extends beyond our service offerings and bleeds into our everyday lives. Our team has spoken at many prominent application-security conferences, such as BlackHat, DEFCON, AppSec USA, AppSec EU, DevOpsDays, RSA, InfoSec World, Shmoocon, and many more.

Our Players

The nVisium Team

At nVisium, we employ and empower creative thinkers. Our founders and new faces alike share a passion for technology and depth in their areas of expertise. The nVisium team is comprised of ambitious employees who bring energy, ideas, and pride into our company. Every team member at nVisium is dedicated to upholding the trust between our company, our clients, and our clients’ customers. Our team at nVisium allows smart, motivated, and creative thinkers to succeed and grow together.

Jack Mannino

Jack Mannino


Jack Mannino is the CEO of nVisium. Passionate about security and impossible to keep away from a keyboard, his expertise spans over 15 years of building, breaking, and securing software. Jack founded nVisium in 2009, and since then has helped the world’s largest software teams enhance security across their software portfolios. He has spoken at conferences globally on topics such as secure design, mobile application security, and cloud-native security.

Every now and then, Jack takes a break from writing code and breaking the internet.

Rajiv Sinha

Rajiv Sinha

CISO Advisor

Rajiv Sinha serves as CISO Advisor to nVisium. With over 20+ years of field experience, Rajiv has held executive positions at Acceptto, Solebit.io Israel (acquired by Mimecast), Immun.io Canada (acquired by Trend Micro, 2017), and at Cigital USA (acquired by Synopsys, 2016). Prior, Rajiv held operational and management positions at PwC, and Oracle in software engineering, product management and software security. Rajiv holds BE/MS degrees in computer engineering, an MBA from UC Berkeley, and is also a sommelier, cyclist and gym rat. He enjoys sports with his son, metal concerts with his daughter, gourmet cooking with his wife, and occasionally, still writes code (securely, of course)!

Mark Moses, PMP

Mark Moses, PMP

Director of Client Engagement

Mark has been working in IT security for three decades, with experience managing large networks and server farms, global SAP implementations, and military information security infrastructure and communications. His focus began shifting to program and project management, where he enjoys applying technical understanding and leadership to shepherd projects towards a successful conclusion. Mark originally hails from upstate New York but now calls the Southeast home.

Aside from his pursuits with information security, Mark enjoys piloting aircraft and motorcycles, amateur radio, reading history, and mechanical watches. He’s married to the “best woman on the planet” and dotes on grandchildren without spoiling them – too much.

Leo Pate III

Leo Pate III

Managing Consultant

Leo Pate III is a Managing Consultant at nVisium. An ardent security enthusiast, he continuously has his nose in a book or headphones on listening to podcasts on a myriad of security topics. Leo’s experience stretches across 13 years of analyzing, abusing, breaking, and advising organization’s security postures spanning over multiple domains. You can typically catch Leo speaking at security conferences on application security or leadership concepts within the security space.

Leo is also a huge South Carolina Gamecocks fan and was also Clyde, the College of Charleston mascot during his college years.

Jonathan Rabovsky

Jonathan Rabovsky

Business Development Manager

JJ has been a member of the nVisium team since 2017. He heads up Business Development and originally hails from the DMV area. He has a passion for all things application security and the constant challenge that comes with being in the industry as it moves at a rapid pace.

In his free time, you can find JJ watching all his favorite DC sports teams (Go Nats!) or on a long run around the DC monuments.

Josh Angell

Josh Angell

Managing Consultant

Josh Angell is a Managing Consultant at nVisium. He received his BS/BA in MIS from Oklahoma State University. Josh has a passion for cyber security and continuously strives to develop his skills in ethical hacking and secure code reviews. He enjoys reading, writing fantasy/sci-fi, gaming, and most of all, spending time with his wife and daughter.

Josh can be found regularly buried in a good fantasy novel (or writing his own), traveling with his wife and daughter, or at his regular-season ticket seat at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma.