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Cloud technologies have enabled organizations to build scalable infrastructure instantly, and are an alternative to the operational overhead associated with owning and maintaining a traditional datacenter. Organizations can enable their development teams to push infrastructure with code. There are, however, security concerns for an organization when shifting from their datacenter to a cloud provider, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Due to the increased demand for AWS security services, we have harnessed our existing experience with AWS in tandem with our years of securely building infrastructure and application architecture in order to build a service focused solely on securely designing and operating AWS environments.

As an AWS Consulting Partner, we offer AWS threat modeling and AWS security assessments as security services. The following is a breakdown of each service:

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Threat Modeling

An analysis of potential threats based off of a review of your AWS environment, documentation, and discussions with staff. The goal is to prioritize threats and provide granular steps to eliminate or reduce risk to acceptable levels for the organization.

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Security Assessments

AWS offers tooling to discover what we refer to as “low-hanging fruit” security issues. Our review goes beyond the simple security issues that are easily detected through automation. We get to know the business purpose behind your architecture, review the design, and begin an analysis of security controls, monitoring and alerting, hardening, IAM policies and permissions.

The following are the most common reasons that an organization engages with nVisium:

An organization has approved the use of its first AWS environment and the security team needs assistance with implementing security controls, monitoring, alerting, and disaster recovery.

An organization is migrating sensitive data from their datacenter to AWS and needs help with modeling threats, defenses, and assessing internal and external risk.

An organization has already been operating in AWS for some time without ever undergoing an in-depth security audit or risk assessment.

Whether your goal is to protect millions of customer records or to verify your AWS environment is sufficiently secured against threats, our team is here to assist you.

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