18 Apr, 2014

Hiring Unicorns

by Mike McCabe

Anyone in the security industry can tell you, hiring the right people is hard. Not only is the skill set necessary for this industry rare, but the demand for good people is very high. We like to take a different view of hiring at nVisium. While the idea of hiring only ‘ninjas’, ‘rockstars’, or other stupid terms for experienced and skilled people is great marketing, it’s not what we go for. We look beyond how many tools you’ve run or documents you’ve written. We’re looking for passion.

We’ve been very lucky to hire people with that passion. Every day our team is solving problems in new and creative ways, learning and gaining the experience needed for tackling unique challenges. We have people from various walks of life. Our team consists of developers, network security testers, a former fireworks technician (really),  and more. We look for the right combination of drive, creativity, and gift for learning in the people we hire. We look past certifications and education to the person behind those acronyms and dates. So far, we’ve been fortunate to hire people who spend their days not only providing value to our clients but also working hard to improve themselves.

We’ve grown rapidly over the past year. It’s only due to the quality people at nVisium that we’ve been able to continue delivering quality work. Each team member brings real value to our clients, and each team member helps encourage everyone to up their game. Education, experience, and past performance are all important factors when determining if someone will perform in a role, but passion can overcome any lack of formal training or experience.

If you want to join our team, you can be a ‘ninja’ or a ‘rockstar’, but we’re hiring unicorns.