03 Sep, 2014

10 Indicators You Know You Work for nVisium

by Tania Ryseck

When I first stepped into nVisium’s office earlier this summer, I had a feeling something was a little off. There was an open room lined with Macs, a video game machine where a corner office should be, and tons of candy bars and chips in the kitchen. Where were the cubicles? And the hovering supervisor? Clearly my internship at this tech company was going to be an experience unlike any other.

In the two months that followed I quickly realized I hadn’t just stepped into some fleeting dream world. The age-old image of corporate offices paints a picture of sterile, concentrated productivity. But efficient workspaces and genuine social interaction don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, it’s probably better if they’re not. At nVisium, my coworkers constantly exhibited humor and gave words of encouragement. Over time, I began to realize the importance of a company’s culture and how much it can affect one’s job satisfaction. A job doesn’t have to feel like work. In fact, a job can and should be a place that lets you grow amongst a group of friends that share similar interests. I could tell you about nVisium’s culture to no end, but the only real way to understand it is to see it for yourself. That’s why I’ve created a list of 10 Indicators You Know You Work for nVisium. Happy reading!

1. When your boss says you are going skydiving, he isn’t kidding.

2. Coming into the office at 9 AM is considered early.

3. Where to go for lunch is an hour-long debate…

4. …so we made a wheel.

5. GIFs are a form of communication.

6. Getting a Fathead printed of yourself isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

7. Red Bull comes before coffee.

8. At one point or another the CEO’s hair has been photo-shopped onto your face.

9. Everything is a 9, 9.5 on the rating scale.

10. Picking locks is a hobby.