06 Oct, 2015

Welcome, David Lindner!

by nVisium Team

nVisium welcomes David Lindner, a seasoned security expert with a history of building services around mobile application security and, more recently, Internet of Things (“IoT”) security. David has deep knowledge of, and experience in, a wide range of programming languages, Mobile & IoT technology, and creating value-added services for clients. He’s the right choice to lead nVisium’s Mobile & IoT practice.

David Lindner comes to nVisium with 15 years of computer security experience and 6 years working in the mobile application security space. David has spoken at conferences such as AppSec USA, InfoSec World, and LASCON on the subject of mobile application security. He has also written about IoT security in industry print such as this Dark Reading article.

At nVisium, we don’t perform a service without knowing we can do it incredibly well. We’ve said this time and time again but it’s true–what separates nVisium from other security companies is our security engineer focus. We’re engineers, and we’re security people. We understand development. We knew we wanted David to lead our Mobile & IoT practice as he shares this security engineer mindset. If we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it right and with the right people.

Given how much of our lives are spent on our phones and tablets and the amount of information we store in their apps, it’s clear that mobile application security is important. Having said that, it is easy to underestimate how quickly the ecosystem changes. Additionally, the IoT space has changed the security landscape and is rapidly evolving.

These factors drove nVisium to build a team of multi-faceted security engineers who can adapt very quickly to new technology and its evolving uses. Additionally, we have invested time and energy into Research and Development (“R&D”). Seth Law’s R&D group has been hard at work and our clients are reaping the benefits via our Mobile & IoT practice. We believe that in combining the research of Seth’s team with David’s team of experienced consultants, we’ve built one of the most robust Mobile & IoT service offerings available today.

We want to publicly welcome David Lindner to the team! We look forward to seeing this practice flourish and are excited for our clients. Welcome to the team, David!