20 Dec, 2016

nVisium, Now an Amazon Consulting Partner

by Ken Johnson

Our customers have always played a part in shaping our service offerings. Over the past several years, we have seen increasing demand from our customers for assistance in securing Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. So at their request, we performed reviews of their controls, configuration of their services, etc. Essentially, we conducted AWS security assessments. We were able to do this work because we could “eat our own dog food,” so to speak. We utilized AWS, so it made sense to go through the process of creating a secure framework for building on and completing various AWS trainings.

As the demand for AWS security knowledge has increased, particularly within the last year, we expanded the depth of our offerings to include threat modeling, architecture review, as well as assessment services. Because of this, we felt it was important for our AWS security team to get certified and for our company to participate in Amazon’s AWS Partner Network (APN).

We are proud to announce that we have achieved these goals. Our team members completed their Solution Architect certifications and are continuing to reach for new levels of competency within the AWS range of certifications. In addition, nVisium is now an AWS Consulting Partner. Becoming an APN means that our business has undergone review by AWS and met APN standards to become an AWS recommended consulting practice. Our APN accreditation provides nVisium with access to new technology, training, in addition to business and sales resources. It also provides AWS with a reputable security consulting service.

Those of you who are familiar with nVisium know that we do not publicly announce new offerings unless we have privately and quietly performed these services with a smaller customer base first. With 2017 on the horizon, our APN in hand, and our consultant team ready to go, we are excited to now publicly offer this service. Stay tuned for our upcoming official service offering page with all the details!