Code Remediation

Many organizations invest a significant portion of their security budgets in vulnerability identification however, the remediation of these issues is often overlooked because it is both challenging and time consuming.

Our code remediation service was designed to bridge that gap. We can help your organization by acting as an extension of your development team to ensure you don’t end up with a pile of unresolved bugs and security debt.

How Does Code Remediation Work?

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We learn about the processes and the tooling your development team uses when writing software so we can integrate with your development team and follow their methodology as we submit the fixed code.

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We assess our workload. Before we can create bug fixes, we validate findings from an external service, such as a scanner or another consultancy, or we find the problems during an assessment conducted by our team.

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We then work with your team to prioritize bug fixes based on factors such as risk, timelines, and budget.