nVisium Expands Secure Development Education Courses


Yahoo! Finance covers the expansion of our successful on-demand training and education platform with secure development courses for iOS and Android.

Breaking and protecting devops tool chains


CSO Online interviewed Ken Johnson (nVisium CTO), and his co-speaker Chris Gates, about the security of DevOps toolchains and the talk they gave at RSA 2017.

Be Offensive: Mobile Development and Application Security


Our VP of Solutions, David Lindner, discusses on how to be more offensive in your mobile development process and procedures.

DefCon: How the Hacker Tracker Mobile App Stays Secure


eWeek interviewed our CSO, Seth Law, regarding The Hacker Tracker application that he and another volunteer co-developed for the DefCon.

Not Code Episode 2: Humane Development


The producer of Not Code podcast interviewed our Director of Engineering, Ernie Miller, on the topic of Humane Development—An alternative approach to software development.

Workout privacy: Sacrificing personal info to shed pounds


ABC NewsChannel 7 interviewed our CEO, Jack Mannino, on the security of wearable technologies. He warns that while people should use these devices, they should be cautious about the data they give.

Preventing Cyber Security Social Engineering Attacks


CTS interviewed one of our senior consultants, John Poulin, about the common practice of reusing passwords, and the security threats it presents.

Federal Employees on Alert after Cyber Attack


ABC NewsChannel 7 interviewed our CEO, Jack Mannino, about the sensitivity of personal information.