On-Demand Application Security Training Platform

We understand that developers learn best by actually writing secure code versus clicking through slides and watching generic security content.

This is why nVisium launched the On-Demand Training Platform: to offer an in-depth, interactive, and engaging learning experience.

Our training platform is intended to replace more antiquated forms of eLearning where students watch generic videos and answer multiple choice questions. Our courses require hands-on application of the concepts demonstrated in each tutorial.

Here is a list of our course topics (* Signifies an upcoming course):

  • Django
  • Java
  • .NET*
  • Rails*
  • Node*
  • Mobile*

Courses consist of videos as well as written content and require developers to demonstrate proficiency in discovering and remediating the vulnerabilities demonstrated in each section. Lastly, our training courses are designed to meet PCI DSS 6.5 requirements.

The On-Demand Training Platform licences are for one year and are priced per student, per course. Contact us to learn more about this product.

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