On-Demand Application Security Training Platform

Educating developers on building secure software is ingrained in our DNA. We have been providing Instructor-Led (ILT) Training for years, and our customers were vocal in asking for the interactive experience provided by our ILT, but wanted it packaged into an on-demand option. Customers asked for a solution that teaches developers secure coding through practice, that is applicable to the languages and frameworks they are using, and one that contains a comprehensive list of topics.

In order to address all of the previous requirements, we created our On-Demand Platform with the following features:

Interactive grading engine: Developers find and fix vulnerabilities in our code in order to pass the course. There are no multiple choice questions, developers have to demonstrate competency.

Never leave the browser: All exercises, content, etc. are all done through the browser. No need to install any software on your client machines.

Engaging content: Both written and video content demonstrate each of the vulnerabilities students will be graded on. We explain the issue, its impact, and how to both find and fix the flaw in our vulnerable code base.

Aligned with the OWASP Top 10: Almost every major compliance standard requires that the flaws listed in the OWASP Top 10 are covered in course material.

Language specific: Each course, whether its content, exercises, or additional categories of vulnerabilities, is geared towards a specific programming language.

Analytics:Track your team’s progress, generate reports, and create certificates for students that pass.

Single Sign-On (SSO): We offer optional SSO integration with your SSO provider, and offer support for both OAuth and SAML.

We update our courses on a yearly basis so that the material stays relevant. Licenses are issued on an annual basis and are per-student, per-course. We currently offer courses for Java, .NET, and Python. Android and iOS courses will be available this summer.

We’ve built something really unique, and most importantly, useful to you and your organization. If you are interested in a trial or a demonstration, contact our team to learn more.

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