While the survey reflects open source’s importance for security for IT professionals in DevOps, its support of the overall business mission is key, as well, says Momodou Jaiteh, application security consultant at nVisium, an application security provider.

“Information security is about reducing and mitigating risk to enterprises, from technology, people and process perspectives. It helps enable the business to operate securely in the best interest of its shareholders and customers,” Jaiteh said. “Thus, security typically plays a supporting, [but] nonetheless critical role in the success of the business, especially in a digitally connected world.”

Open source software often helps businesses reduce overhead cost in delivering services to their customers through reduced time to market, Jaiteh said. One major additional advantage is “visibility and input from a lot of different people,” Jaiteh added.

“Greater visibility often translates to more observing eyes on all aspects of the open source software, which often translates to better security. This is even better for mission-critical software that deals with sensitive information, such as cryptographic algorithms, etc.,” Jaiteh said. “It is not a surprise to see open source used more in infrastructure modernization, because as we move to DevSecOps models of software delivery, infrastructure often is the bottleneck. Therefore, solving for infrastructure helps developers focus on aspects that are unique to their business.”

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