Secure Development

Our secure development solutions are designed to help identify and reduce risk to your organization through improving your software security program. We offer several services to assist your organization in building or enhancing your software security program:

Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM) Assessment: A capabilities assessment of your software security program with detailed analysis and scoring of the current state of your program, and a clearly defined roadmap towards improvement with accompanying executive-level summaries.

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Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM) Assessments primary purpose is to provide you with a roadmap to improve your software security program and to measure the value of your program over time. We deliver detailed metrics, actionable steps to take in order to enhance your security program, as well as executive-level documentation so that you can communicate this strategy to decision makers.

Threat Modeling: A comprehensive, prioritized list of potential exploits specific to your application analyzed against existing organizational, process, and technical weaknesses. You will not only receive a list of security risks, but also guidance to resolve these identified risks.

Threat Modeling allows us to pinpoint specific risks in the software and architecture you are building. We review internal and external threats, categorize systems by criticality, document the architecture, and provide you with all of this information, along with a prioritized list of where to focus your security efforts.

Architecture Review: Comprehensive inspection of how each application is built, including third-party services, data storage and transmission, infrastructure design, and more.

Architecture Review is especially beneficial when designing or modifying architecture with multiple applications, systems, or third-party services. We work with your team to identify and communicate security gaps, as well as where controls should be placed and how to best architect the solution in order to securely meet your business objectives.

Tool Optimization: Enhancement or integration of software tools used for detection of security risks. Especially critical in DevOps or Agile development shops where speed is paramount and traditional approaches fall short.

Tool Optimization is a service designed to assist your organization in maximizing the deployment of new or existing application security tools. We help your organization integrate security tools into the continuous deployment pipeline to help maximize coverage of security vulnerabilities.

If you would like to build or improve your software security program utilizing an experienced staff that can help take your organization to the next level of application security, contact our team to learn more.

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