Connected devices are everywhere. More than 83 million U.S. households have at least one smart device, according to a study by the Consumer Technology Association. In fact, U.S. households own an average of 11 Internet-connected devices, according to a study from Deloitte, including seven with screens to view content (e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs).

With so many devices on the home network, how is security keeping up? What is needed to make device security easier and faster?

Find out why attackers are targeting internet-connected devices, some common attack vectors, and what to do to reduce the risk of breach at the endpoint.

Join this panel of security experts to learn more about the security risks connected devices pose to your home and office, and what can be done about it:
– Connected devices – the gateway for attackers
– The likelihood that you or your company will be breached via connected devices
– Steps to mitigate the risk of breach
– What is needed to close the gap in device security
– Best practices for protecting your smart home from online threats

This panel is part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2020.

We welcome and encourage audience participation and questions.

Chris Hazelton, Director of Security Solutions, Lookout (Moderator)
Brandon Hoffman, CISO, Netenrich
Rick Moy, Vice President of Marketing, Tempered Networks
Jack Mannino, CEO, nVisium

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