IoT Security Services

identify weaknesses in an entire IoT architecture

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents its own unique set of security challenges and requires a broad skillset for assessing. Our IoT assessments identify weaknesses in an entire IoT architecture including software, hardware, API, and web and mobile components.

nVisium provides top-tier IoT security solutions for our clients. As experts in the fields of web, mobile, and IoT security, nVisium draws upon decades of engineering and security experience to produce practical solutions to keep your IoT systems secure and your business safe.



Securing and testing IoT security requires a unique skill set and approach. nVisium performs an initial threat model of the IoT device’s infrastructure and performs testing against its hardware, software, APIs, as well as all the different protocols being used.


The team at nVisium performs hybrid assessments, which include a source code (web, API, operating system, infrastructure configuration, firmware, drivers, microservices, etc.) review and reverse engineering of the product(s).

Services Provided for IoT REVIEWS

Source Code Review

nVisium will use a combination of static source code analysis and manual inspection to identify vulnerabilities in the system’s source code.

Software and Hardware Testing

nVisium will assess the IoT system dynamically through manual interaction to find and validate vulnerabilities.

Forensic Analysis

nVisium will analyze the physical devices for extraneous data leakage and pivot points that may affect the overall security posture of the IoT system and its users.

Reverse Engineering

nVisium will inspect the provided binaries for flaws in compilation and deployment that may be leveraged by an attacker.


The following list contains general categories that IoT reviews will encompass. The categories of vulnerabilities specified below are not an all-inclusive list, but rather a partial view of what can be expected from an nVisium IoT assessment.

  1. Secure communications
  2. Memory corruption
  3. Management interfaces
  4. Usage of platform-security protections
  5. Data storage and persistence
  6. Cryptographic analysis
  1. Protocol-level analysis
  2. System update mechanism
  3. Local and remote authentication
  4. Authorization and access control
  5. Backend application and infrastructure security
  6. Mobile application integration


Some of our more recent projects include

  1. Home Automation Systems
  2. Memory corruption
  3. Automotive Telematics
  4. Water Flow Monitoring Systems
  5. Industrial Automated Vacuums
nVisium IoT Assessments

why nVisium?

One of nVisium’s key differentiators is our developer-centric approach to helping our clients. As part of a capability assessment, clients will gain an understanding of their developers progress and what to do to help them write more secure software.

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