About this webinar

The security of your software all starts with the code. Ensuring that the code written for an application does what it was built to do and that it’s keeping the contained data secure is essential. So, how can we, as an industry, do a better job of writing more secure code?

Here’s where security education and empowering DevOps teams come in. How can we better educate developers on application security and teach them to develop more secure code?

Join this episode of the “On The Road to DevSecOps” series to learn why security matters for developers, how to give your developers secure coding training, and foster a culture of collaboration. Viewers will also learn about:
– When it comes to software development, who owns security?
– How to teach your developers to write more secure code
– The role of the security champions vs. integrated JIT training for secure coding education
– What are the most common – and easily correctable — vulnerabilities and why?
– How do you create an effective AppSec Awareness Program?

– Stephen Gates, Security Evangelist and Senior Solutions Specialist, Checkmarx (Host)
– Kurt Risley, Global Sales/SME–Codebashing, Checkmarx
– Jack Mannino, CEO, nVisium
– Jane Wang, Principal Security Architect, Charles River Development

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