SOFTWARE ASSURANCE Integrate security throughout the software development process

Software Assurance Offerings

nVisium’s Software Assurance offerings range from helping clients develop strategies and techniques to building security into their products from the ground up. Our team provides a number of services to strengthen your security:

  1. Secure architecture reviews
  2. Continuous application assessment support
  3. Security tooling integration
  4. Assistance developing mature software security programs through SAMM and Software Assurance Lifecycle Development

nVisium focuses on helping clients integrate security throughout the software development process. Our consultants have the capabilities to assist your team in implementing strategies, technology, and policies that align with your organization and development methodologies.

nVisium will work with your development and security teams to implement a secure SDLC that encompasses continuous security review and full integration into the development process. nVisium has years of experience executing secure SDLC projects both with startups and large Fortune 500 organizations. We have expertise in the majority of languages and experience developing programs for agile, devops, and waterfall development methodologies. nVisium will help implement a program that is low friction and high value to your development and security teams.



Software Assurance

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Code Remediation

Our Code Remediation service was designed to ensure you don't end up with a pile of unresolved bugs and security debt once an assessment is complete. We can integrate with your development team and follow their methodology as we submit the fixed code.

Software Assurance Lifecycle

Development of security processes, standards, guidelines, application risk management, dependency management, and other elements to be integrated into the Software Assurance Lifecycle. An in-depth analysis of the current software security program and related initiatives is performed.

Cloud Security Services

Cloud security review of AWS, Azure, or GCP that goes beyond the simple security issues that are easily detected through automation. We get to know the business purpose behind your architecture, review the design, and begin an analysis of security controls, monitoring and alerting, hardening, IAM policies and permissions. We are an AWS Partner.



Software Assurance

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Software Security Program

Evaluation of your current software security program and tailored recommendations to improve, grow and mature as an organization. Designed to provide detailed analysis, maturity scoring, and a future roadmap for your software security program based on the OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM) Framework.

Secure Architecture Review

Comprehensive review of the application or system design, including third-party services, data storage and transmission, infrastructure design, and more. The result will not only include a list of security risks, but also guidance to resolve these identified risks.

Security Integration

Integration of manual and automated processes to uncover and remediate security risks.We leverage software tools used for detection of security risks and our secure development expertise to remediate vulnerabilities in your development cycles. Especially critical in DevOps or Agile development shops where speed is paramount and traditional approaches fall short.

nVisium’s Continuous Security Model RISK MITIGATION

Risk mitigation extends beyond periodic assessments, training, and code remediation. nVisium is here to assist your team in continuously implementing security strategies, technology, and policies that align with your organization’s goals and development methodologies. nVisium’s Continuous Security Model is a maturity model based on the goals of identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities in rapid cycles. This provides value to the security and development teams by increasing the number of identified vulnerabilities while simultaneously decreasing the time to remediate them.

Refine and optimize your security tooling with nVisium

nVisium will work with your respective teams to help refine and optimize the balance of people, process, and tools for your software security program. nVisium can help you understand how well you are doing and next steps based on a maturity model and many years of experience with a wide variety of clients. We can assist with all levels: strategic, tactical, and operational. From program level roadmaps and initiatives to custom security tool integrations into CI/CD, nVisium will partner with your organization to help improve software assurance and manage risks to the business.

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