Software assurance lifecycle development

Secure development ensures that your company, your clients, and your applications are protected from cyber threats.

nVisium will work with your development and security teams to implement a secure SDLC that encompasses continuous security review and full integration into the development process. nVisium has years of experience executing secure SDLC projects both with startups and Fortune 500 organizations. We have expertise in the majority of languages and experience developing programs for agile or waterfall delivery methods. nVisium will help deploy a program that is low friction and high value to your development and security teams.

develop a mature software assurance lifecycle

We will assist your team in the implementation of a more mature Software Assurance Lifecycle by developing security processes, standards, and guidelines that include risk management, dependency management, continuous integration and more. nVisium can perform these tasks autonomously or work with your developments team to execute.

why nVisium?

One of nVisium’s key differentiators is our developer-centric approach to helping our clients. As part of a capability assessment, clients will gain an understanding of their developers progress and what to do to help them write more secure software.

“nVisium has a world class application security consulting team that brings unprecedented knowledge, innovation and leadership to help train, advise and assist our development teams.”


Jerry Gamblin / Lead Security Analyst at CARFAX

“nVisium performed a hybrid mobile assessment and then took those findings to build a custom security training course for our developers. The training was valuable, engaging and helpful for the developers to understand the importance of building secure software from the ground up. nVisium's training resulted in more secure code across the organization.”


Tony Trummer / Director of Security Engineering at Tinder

“nVisium’s approach was unique and the team provided actionable findings. They strove to make our application secure and resilient.”


Rich Ronston / Director of IT Security at Deltek
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