Code Remediation

Code Remediation

Evolve Security for the Future

Our Code Remediation service reduces your effort to fix security bugs and flaws. Our security engineers and developers resolve security issues and reduce your risks in less time, while you focus on building features and supporting your users.

Code Remediation

Expedite the Resolution of Security Flaws in your Application

Our Code Remediation service separates nVisium from traditional security consultancies and distinguishes nVisium as experts in the field of security engineering. In addition to nVisium’s assessment efforts, our team will develop, test, and deliver patches for vulnerabilities it identifies. This will reduce the time issues are open and reduce the risks they present to the organization. Code remediation will also reduce the workload for your security and development teams.


Benefits of Code Remediation

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when using nVisium’s Code Remediation service:

  • Reduces overall application risk as bugs are resolved effectively and efficiently
  • Increases productivity by offloading remediation cycles, preventing regression, and performing knowledge transfer
  • Reduces overall application risk as bugs are resolved effectively and efficiently
  • Reduces engineering overhead associated with security issue resolution
Project Deliverables

What You can Expect

At the end of a Code Remediation project, nVisium delivers several commodities and tools to help our clients maintain ongoing success in reducing their risk of cyber attacks. Our team ensures that all fixes behave as expected, and we confirm success for each issue we remediate. The following list provides a sample of deliverables provided to you:

  • Remediated code
  • Architectural diagrams
  • Comprehensive report of changes
  • Unit tests and regression tests
  • Code remediation knowledge, transferred from the nVisium team to yours

Remediation from Start to Finish

nVisium’s Code Remediation service expedites the resolution of security flaws in your application and eliminates distractions for your software development teams. We work with your organization to deliver security fixes in your source code management tools and integrate into your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The nVisium team assists with remediation from start to finish through prioritization, validation, development, testing, and implementation of fixes.

nVisium will deliver remediated code in whatever form best-suited to the client environment including committing to the client’s source code system. Code Remediation will be thoroughly tested from both a security and functional perspective.