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Security Assessments

Security Experts

Identify and Remediate Vulnerabilities

All nVisium security threat assessments go beyond identifying security defects. We focus on helping clients meaningfully triage and fix vulnerabilities discovered during testing. nVisium is unique in our ability to provide exceptional remediation advice, which is specific, actionable, and aimed at reducing engineering overhead typically associated with mitigating security issues.

nVisium Services

Comprehensive Security Assessments

Find and fix security vulnerabilities within your organization’s software

Application Security Assessment


Securing software for web, client, and server applications requires modeling systems like an attacker would and pinpointing areas of weakness that can be exploited. We provide secure code reviews and web application penetration testing to identify security bugs and flaws while helping development teams rapidly remediate any discovered issues.


Mobile Security


Our mobile assessments explore how an application can expose security and privacy concerns for users and determines how to prevent these issues from happening. We specialize in iOS and Android security and focus on discovering how security controls can be circumvented in order to breach client-side and server side defenses.


IoT Security


The Internet of Things (IoT) presents its own unique set of security challenges and requires a broad skill set for assessing. At nVisium we aim to secure your IoT device and its corresponding infrastructure through source code review, dynamic software and hardware testing, forensic analysis, and reverse engineering.


Cloud Security


We help teams successfully maintain secure cloud software infrastructures as well as guide teams into the cloud securely. We have deep expertise with AWS, Azure, and GCP and supporting multi-cloud deployments.


Network Security


Your on-premise, cloud, and hybrid network environments are under continuous attack. Our network security assessments explore the digital footprint of an organization and rigorously tests your organization’s defenses ability to withstand attacks.


Cloud Native Security Assessment


Building systems the Cloud Native way offers security opportunities as well as new challenges. nVisium performs security testing and helps protect Kubernetes, Docker, and the microservices that power your software.


Expertise in Java, .NET, Node, Angular, Ruby, Python, iOS, Android, AWS, Azure and more. Our Expertise.

nVisium leverages a testing methodology that is both comprehensive and targeted. We integrate with your team’s existing development processes to help build a more robust software security program within your organization. Each member of our team has an extensive background in both software engineering and security. nVisium has expertise in Java, .NET, Node, Angular, Ruby, Python, Scala, iOS, Android, AWS, Azure, and more. We stand by our work and take great pride in developing security solutions for our clients.

Application Assessment

A Developer-Centric Approach

One of nVisium’s key differentiators is a developer-centric approach to application security testing by helping clients remediate identified issues. Our hybrid approach allows nVisium to determine exactly where vulnerabilities occur and precisely how to fix the problems. nVisium’s team of software and security engineers will provide specific remediation guidance in the form of refactored code examples and concrete implementation guidance. This produces recommendations that are immediately actionable and aimed at reducing the total engineering overhead associated with remediation efforts.

Mobile Assessment

Secure Sensitive Data

nVisium provides top-tier mobile security solutions for our clients. As experts in the field of mobile application security for both iOS and Android, nVisium draws upon its combined decades of security and engineering expertise to produce practical solutions to keep your software secure and your business safe.

IoT Assessment

Identify Weaknesses in an Entire IoT Architecture

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents its own set of security challenges and requires a broad set skillset for assessing. Our IoT assessments identify weaknesses in an entire IoT architecture including software, hardware, API, web, and mobile components. nVisium provides top-tier IoT security solutions for our clients. As experts in the fields of web, mobile, and IoT security, nVisium draws upon decades of engineering and security experience to produce practical solutions to keep your IoT systems secure and your business safe.

nVisium performed a hybrid mobile assessment and then took those findings to build a custom security training course for our developers. The training was valuable, engaging and helpful for the developers to understand the important of building secure software from the ground up. nVisium’s training resulted in more secure code across the organization.

nVisium has a world class application security consulting team that brings unprecedented knowledge, innovation and leadership to help train, advise and assist our development teams.

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nVisium validated the strength of the established engineering practices and conducted a thorough validation of the architecture within a short period, proposing actionable guidance where needed.

"nVisium’s approach was unique and the team provided actionable findings. They strove to make our application secure and resilient.” – Rich Ronston, Senior Director of Global Information Security


"Security of our partner-facing platforms is a critical component of our information security program. We rely on nVisium to provide us with thorough, detailed reviews so that we can identify vulnerabilities and get smarter about the way we build security into our products. I’ve been impressed by the quality of the assessments and the overall value that we receive from nVisium." - Brian Markham, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

"Trimble engaged nVisium to perform an architectural review of one of our in-cab devices. The nVisium team was exceptional - very professional, and extremely knowledgeable and engaging. The result was an exceedingly productive and important review of our device.” - Kjell Erickson, Director of Vehicle Platform Software, Trimble


Cloud Assessments

Comprehensive Analysis of Cloud Security Architecture

nVisium offers cloud security assessments for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud that go beyond the simple security issues that are easily detected through automation. We get to know the business purpose behind your architecture, review the design, and begin an analysis of security controls, monitoring and alerting, hardening, and IAM policies and permissions. The goals of a cloud assessment are to identify and highlight security weaknesses within the design of the cloud infrastructure. These findings will be used to re-architect the infrastructure or to implement compensating controls to ensure weaknesses are addressed.

Network Assessment

Outcome and Approach

nVisium performs network assessments that extend beyond the scope of traditional assessments to identify and resolve flaws in your security.

We model our approach on how real-world attackers go about their business by correlating and chaining issues to better assess the strength of your existing security.

The Intersection of Software and Security

nVisium integrates with your team’s existing development processes to help build a more robust software security program within your organization. Each member of our team has an extensive background in both software engineering and security.