Mobile Security Assessment

iOS & Android

Privacy and Security for your Users

Mobile applications empower developers to build products that let users create and consume data anywhere. Ensuring privacy and security for mobile apps is important, and our mobile security services give you an advantage by eliminating the most critical security risks from your products. Our team has expertise with iOS and Android and can analyze your apps, services, and APIs through secure code reviews and penetration testing.

nVisium Services

Secure Development Offerings

nVisium will work with your development and security teams to implement a secure SDLC that encompasses continuous security review and full integration into the development process. nVisium has years of experience executing secure SDLC projects both with startups and Fortune 500 organizations. We have experience in the majority of programming languages and experience developing programs for agile, DevOps, and waterfall development methodologies. nVisium will help implement a program that is low friction and high value to your development and security teams.

RMF (Runtime Manipulation and Forensic Analysis)

nVisium will analyze the controls in a running application and report their effectiveness. nVisium will analyze the mobile device file system for extraneous data leakage that may affect the application and its users. Our team will also review stored data including databases and files, examine caches and temporary files, and perform memory analysis to identify any leaks which may persist in sensitive data.

Third Party Assessments

nVisium will analyze any third-party mobile applications your organization uses.

Hybrid Analysis

nVisium will always recommends a hybrid assessment for mobile applications. nVisium’s mobile hybrid assessment combines source code review with black box (or dynamic) testing, is what differentiates nVisium and allows for the most comprehensive and effective assessments for our clients.

Source Code Analysis

nVisium recommends a hybrid assessment for mobile applications, which combines source code review with black box (or dynamic) testing, and is the most comprehensive and efficient type of assessment.

Dynamic Application Testing

nVisium will assess the mobile application dynamically through manual interaction to find and validate vulnerabilities. Our team will perform runtime hooking and instrumenting of the mobile application, perform sniffing and fuzzing of intents, observe application behaviors, intercept and manipulate traffic, and try bypassing client-side protections.

Reverse Engineering

nVisium will inspect the provided application binary for flaws in compilation and deployment that may be leveraged by an a hacker. In some cases nVisium will try to decompile, disassemble, and debug the mobile application.

The intersection of Software and Security

nVisium integrates with your team’s existing development processes to help build a more robust software security program within your organization. Each member of our team has an extensive background in both software engineering and security.