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Network Security Assessment

Network Security

Penetration Testing and Proactive Security

Your on-premise, cloud, and hybrid network environments are under continuous attack. Our network security assessments explore the digital footprint of an organization and rigorously tests your organization’s defenses ability to withstand attacks and prevent a compromise. Our penetration testers emulate a sophisticated attacker and exploit your networked devices, endpoints, and servers to reduce risks before breaches occur.

Our Approach to

Network Assessments

nVisium performs network assessments that extend beyond the scope of traditional assessments to identify and resolve flaws in your security. We model our approach on how real-world attackers go about their business by correlating and chaining issues to better assess the strength of your existing security.

IP Ranges and Test Blocks

nVisium starts a network assessment by defining the IP ranges and/or blocks to be tested and defining a timeline for conducting the engagement, which includes testing times and notification methods.

Root Cause Analysis

Our team will perform a thorough review of the network infrastructure, provide root cause analysis, and will make recommendations for mitigating each issue.

Custom & Open Source Tools

nVisium uses open source tools to perform reconnaissance and information gathering on the in-scope hosts. This information includes frameworks and languages in use, developer information, hosting provider, host information, etc.

Analyze Vulnerabilities

nVisium will perform network analysis by mapping and scanning for open ports, assessing network isolation, and fingerprinting services and application versions. After analysis, nVisium will attempt to exploit discovered vulnerabilities when possible.

Network Penetration Testing

nVisium’s Network Assessments examine the environment from the external view to identify vulnerabilities that may allow access to confidential areas of a network, allow a denial of service to be performed, or obtain sensitive internal information.

Our team will reveal risks to your systems and networks that attackers could find and exploit with a combination of automated and manual techniques. nVisium will perform a review of the network scan and report any ports or services available. Any potential weaknesses will be fully validated to ensure that only actionable, confirmed items are reported to you. The nVisium team will provide detailed information of our findings along with recommendations to help remediation efforts.