Shawn Smith, director of infrastructure at nVisium, an application security provider, argued that the security strategy for 5G won’t change much in comparison to other Wi-Fi/cellular network security strategies.

“Since 5G is just a transfer medium, the main things to cover like encryption and data security don’t apply as they are already handled at another layer of the strategy planning,” he said. “The one thing that should be noted is the increased bandwidth will need to be managed to prevent network floods, bottlenecks and denial of service issues.”

He noted the main vulnerability of 5G is that it’s a wireless transfer medium, so data can be intercepted by anyone listening.

“We already have Wi-Fi and cell networks, though, so this isn’t a new vulnerability that hasn’t already been planned for,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s just a transfer medium, and by the time your data is on the medium it should be sufficiently encrypted and protected.”

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