Money Mules

As millions of people are looking for jobs, money mule scams that prey on people who need quick income are increasingly on the rise within the current economic climate, said Jack Mannino, CEO at nVisium, a Falls Church, Virginia-based application security provider, in an April 2020 interview. Money mule scammers send money to an individual and then ask that person to send the money to someone else.

They may promise a prize or other bonus in return, but, of course, it’s all a scam. The money sent is typically stolen or is a fake check, and when the scammer receives the victim’s real money, they disappear and the victim often ends up paying the consequences.

Vigilance on the part of consumers is exhibited by being wary of job listings for companies that can’t be found online via a quick search, not transferring funds or cashing checks on their behalf, and not sending money to anyone in exchange for employment.

The number of scams may continue and likely rise as shutdowns remain in most cities and states.

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